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Center Class FAQ:


What are my payment options for classes at the Center?

You may purchase a Day Pass (one class) for $25 or you may purchase a “Membership”. Membership pricing depends on how often you plan to come to class per month. Both can be done online.


What are the benefits to having an OTB Center Membership?

Benefits include your ability to register for classes in the future and reserve your spot, a discounted per class fee (the more you come, the more you save), and certain classes/events are free to members. Free classes include Sunday Drum Circle, and some learning lectures.  Please understand the discount given to those on OTB memberships is granted due to their willingness to be placed on an auto-billing system for multiple months.  You are not offered the discounted price if you pay monthly via card, cash or check.  This is specifically a good faith gesture to our die-hard, loyal and committed OTB members.


If I purchase a membership and cannot come to class, what happens to my unused class/es?

Classes on memberships do not “roll over”. It is a “use-it or lose-it” system. We encourage you NOT to buy a membership unless you know you will be able to make it to class before your membership expires. However, you have 30 days to use all your classes. You are not locked in to using a certain number of classes per week. For example, if you purchased a 1X/week membership (4 classes per month), and your child was sick for two weeks out of that month, you could use your 4 classes in the remaining two weeks left on your membership. You just need to use all your classes up before the 30 days expire.


How are OTB Center Memberships billed?

Much like a gym membership. Memberships are on a 30 day “automatic billing system”. Every new membership automatically gets placed on “auto-pay”. You can of course cancel at any time. This is for the OTB mom/dad enthusiast who does not want to go into the system every 30 days and re-purchase a monthly membership. This feature was requested my our clients. The amount of classes you have chosen to have per month starts again on your 30 day anniversary.


What if my Center class is canceled by OTB?

If we have to cancel a class for issues pertaining to plumbing, a sick teacher, etc. we will return your class back to your queue. If you are unable to take that class before your membership expires, we will offer you a comp class.


What if I am the only person registered in a class? Does the class get canceled?

No, we are happy to offer you a private class. When this happens, we will call you to make sure you want a private class. Some parents prefer the social aspect of class and prefer to register for another class with multiple students.


What is your sick policy?

We have a very strict sick policy. All the teachers are trained on how to handle a situation if a child is visibly sick in class. We do not allow children in class who are sick and/or contagious. We encourage parents to call us if they have questions about incubation periods and symptoms. We will ask a parent/child to leave class if we feel they are ill. However, on that note, we also do not consider coughing, sneezing or a runny noses a sign of illness all the time. Each situation is individually assessed.


What is the late policy?

If you have registered for a class, there is a 15 minute grace period to which we honor, where your space in class is reserved. If 15 minutes has passed, and you have not called in to the front desk to tell us you will be arriving late or are on your way, your spot may be given to someone on the wait list. Our front desk number is (818) 348-PLAY (7529).


If you have any other questions about sessions that may not be addressed here, please feel free to contact us at registration@otbee.com or (818) 348-PLAY (7529) and we will be happy to assist you.

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