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Younger Baby Classes  (YB)

These classes all start with stretching and end with infant massage. In the middle, we use multi-sensory cues to stimulate the brain to include visual tracking, audio tracking, gentle gross motor skills, music & movement, and vestibular activities. Much emphasis is placed on attachment and bonding and parent/caretaker – child interaction and communication. A lot of “sensory conditioning” happens in these beginning classes.   These are our youngest “brainy babies”!


Older Baby Classes (OB)

These are our new movers and shakers! In this class we pump up the stimuli just a tad, and start to introduce social learning activities. These classes include core activities, learning activities, and sensory activities. We start modeling independence, social learning, and circle time. Importance is placed on all the learning tools introduced in the younger baby class, but with an older baby “on-the-move” twist. No walkers please.


Toddler Classes (TOD)

These classes introduce responsibility with “Keys of Knowledge”. We start to practice more right brain/left brain activity based learning. We open and close the circle at every class and use our bodies! Gross motor activities are introduced as well as taking turns, sharing, and loving and kindness activities. There is a lot of social learning going on in these classes as well as some child directed activities. We build with our hands, feel with our feet, and explore with our minds. This class is appropriate for children 16 – 24 months and walking. These classes incorporate “share time” (see description below). No crawlers please. Children should be able to walk without assistance.


Older Toddler Class (OT)

These are our experienced OTB students! They continue to use their “Keys of Knowledge”. These toddlers are 24 – 36 months old and stable on their feet. In the Older Toddler classes, we work on social learning, more difficult cognitive learning challenges, and we participate in projects (puzzles, community structures, team work). We dig deeper into exploring our feelings and emotions and we practice “self control” through class exercises. The curriculum is bumped up a little and focus is placed on using specific learning tools and “our words”. These classes incorporate “share time” (see description below). This is where the real fun begins!


Young Children Classes (YC) 

These classes are specifically designed for our 3 – 6 year olds. We concentrate on Brain Gym principals, and right brain/left brain activities. We introduce team building exercises and we start to explore the world around us, and talk about it! At this age, we take advantage of the brains amazing growth and start learning about ideas and thinking processes’. We introduce trouble-shooting strategies and exercises and celebrate free thought. This class includes arts & crafts projects, self-reflection, and social learning principals. We introduce directives and explore expectations. There is a strong emphasis placed on fine motor skills in this older class.


Mixed Aged Classes (MA)

This is a very important class offered at OTB! There are many documented benefits to mixing the age groups when learning is involved.   In other countries where early education is considered successful, mixed aged classes are the norm. We offer this class as an opportunity to teach empathy, role modeling, compassion, cooperation, patience and social learning. Peer groups are formed without boundaries and all the children are encouraged to interact with each other and learn together through peer-group play.


Sensory Classes

This class is set up for all our movers and shakers on their feet or on their knees!  Older Babies about to walk, and Toddlers (young and older), as well as Young Children are invited to this very special “sensory class”. This is not a typical OTB class – this is a HIGH Multi-Sensory class! In this class, we do a few songs, but focus is placed on sensory integration (getting MESSY!). Every week will be packed with heavy sensory activities and exercises to help our brains regulate.  Children and parents should always come prepared for messy play.  Clothes than can get messy should be worn, and always come with a package of wipes! Messy is Magnificent!


Independent Toddler Classes

This is a special class designed to offer toddlers, whom will soon be attending preschool an opportunity to work out any “separation anxiety” issues in a safe, familiar and controlled setting. This class is only available to OTB students (past or present) who are part of the program, and who are familiar with our Center and its teachers. Parents are not present in this class, and are required to say “goodbye” when they leave.


Sibling Classes

These classes are set up to involve siblings of any age. With principals in place much like the “Mixed Aged” Classes, we offer the opportunity for siblings to explore, experience, and discover the OTB program “together” through modeling and social interaction. Appropriate activities are selected that engage all age groups.


Rough & Tumble Class

There are many social benefits to rough and tumble play (Also called “Big Body Play”). Children learn to evaluate the give-and-take of appropriate social interactions and learn to read and understand the body language of other children. The social skills of signaling and detecting signals developed through play will be used throughout their lives. They also learn to change roles in their play as at times they are chasing others and then being chased themselves. Children are invited to: stay in charge and set limits, intervene to redirect energy, break the negative play pattern, and reinforce positive play. This class is for both boys and girls. Parents stay in the class to observe, and be available if needed. At OTB, we believe that exuberant, boisterous, rough-and-tumble play supports preschoolers’ development. Energetic big body play lets children use language, understand cause and effect, and learn how to negotiate, take turns, compromise, and make and follow rules. Vigorous big body play is a great way to support physical development. This class is for both boys and girls. Parents stay in the class to observe and be available if needed. Space is limited to 6 children per class.


Light Sensory Class

The format and dynamic of this class is very different than any other class offered at OTB.  This class is virtually spending time (one hour) in our Light Sensory Room.  The value of this class is related to the benefits of Light Therapy and optical stimulation, and how both impact brain development.  This is a much smaller class (6 parents/6 children) due to space allowance, and is offered to both typical and special needs students.  An Assistant will facilitate this class by bringing in various “light equipment” for the children to explore and discover.  This is not an OTB curriculum class.  Music will be playing, but the expectation is that children allow themselves to explore the lights and regulate their senses at their own pace, and in their own way.   Parental supervision in this room is required.  This class is appropriate for all ages, and especially encouraged for children who experience sleep disturbances.


Share Time Activity Description

All OTB Toddler Classes incorporate “share time”. This is a controversial activity and parents have the option of NOT participating. This 3 – 5 minute activity happens in the middle of every toddler class. Children are invited to participate in a share-time activity where they share their finger foods with each other. The benefits to this activity are vast, and include:

  • Waking up the brain when food passes the pallet
  • Immune building
  • Share-time experience
  • The skill and ability to transition in and out of food

We encourage no sugary foods, rather, simple, easy to share foods like snap peas, apply slices, healthy crackers, natural fruit chews, etc. If you have questions and concerns about this activity, please email registration@otbee.com.

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