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Celebrate with us through sound!

This party is a one and a half hour journey into cultural sounds and beats from all over the world! Children are entertained by 2 – 3 OTB drummers and offered several different cultural instruments to explore to include small Djembe drums, gathering drums, floor drums, hand bells, shakers, Juju nut shaker, gourd shakers, rain sticks and more.   This is a great activity for the “musical child”.   Drum parties are fun for the whole family!


Important Information:

  • Fee for OTB families is $400 for an hour and a half. The fee for non-OTB families is $475 (for a party in the field or “on location).
  • OTB Families are defined as being enrolled in a Field Session or obtaining an OTB Center Membership.
  • Payment must be received no later than 2 weeks before the party date to secure your spot.
  • We do not do parties at De Anza Park in Calabasas.
  • We do not do parties in Parks where we do not have access to electricity.
  • We cannot accommodate a party with more than 20 children.  That means parties with more than 20 children in attendance, total.
  • We send two (2) to three (3) drummers to all Drum Parties.
  • We strongly encourage you to schedule us to come to your party 1 hour after its start time, as we cannot wait for your guests to arrive.  Please take this into consideration when deciding what time you would like us to start our OTB entertainment.
  • Parties and celebrations will be placed on our calendar when payment is received in full and the Party In-Take Form has been received.
  • Parties further than a 25 mile radius from our OTB Center in Woodland Hills will be charged an additional $25 fee for transportation costs.
  • There are no refunds offered for this service.
  • The Host of the party is financially responsible for any broken or stolen equipment (caused by their guests).
  • We do not do parties in locations that are difficult to get to, to load, unload, etc. (stairs, elevators, etc.)
  • Any fees to park for the party is charged as an additional fee to the party host.


If you have questions, or would like a more thorough explanation of our services, please contact us at (818) 348-PLAY.

If interested in scheduling an OTB Drum Party, please submit this Drum InTake Form to use with your payment to reserve your spot on our calendar. Please email registration@otbee.com.

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