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We are happy to offer the opportunity for you to start and host your own OTB Class anywhere around the Los Angeles area. Your steps to starting your own group are:


  • STEP 1: Find at least 7 other infants/toddlers to start a new group (8 or more children total). If this is a private class, you will need 7 other students besides yourself (8 students total).  Classes are capped at 12 for YB, and 10 for OB and Toddler classes. Twins count as one child as they are offered a significant discount to their class fee.
  • STEP 2: Decide who will “host” the class and its location.
  • STEP 3: Decide on a day of the week and a time of day for your group to meet.

  • STEP 4: Once you have your 7 students in place, your host, your location, your day of the week, and your time of day, email us at newgroups@otbee.com with all your information.  We will need parent’s name, child’s name, phone number, and email address.  You may also call us at (818) 348-PLAY.
  • STEP 5: Come to class!!  Bring your baby and a blanket (if an infant) and finger food for sharing (if a toddler)– and you are ready to “play with a purpose”!!!


We will contact you to establish a start date and with information on whom will be facilitating your group.


PRIVATE CLASSES:  Creating a private class is an option, however, you will need 8 participants/students total (including the host) to launch the session.   If you would like to start a private class with less than 8 students, you have the option of paying extra to cover the extra spot/s.


All session fees must be paid in advance and before the session starts.


The following information is important to know, understand, accept, and acknowledge:

  • All participants in said groups will be required to sign an OTB Liability Waiver to protect both OTB, and the group host from potential property accidents, injuries and liabilities during class time.
  • Videotaping and photos are allowed during class however, they are not permitted for use in any other capacity outside of personal or recreational use.  The content and curriculum of OTB Educational and Developmental Program classes is copy written and trademarked in the State of California.  Any reproduction of the class or its content by anyone outside of an OTB instructor is strictly forbidden.
  • It is asked that all Hosts help in the recruitment process, communicate with their groups, and send out reminder e-mails about their class a day or so before their class date. All communications to class participants is done through and by the Host.
  • Hosts are responsible for communications (emails) with potential group members during the recruitment and set-up process.  As well, communications concerning canceled classes, preparations, etc. are the responsibility of the Host.
  • It is expected that the Host maintain open and honest communication with the OTB Staff at all times regarding OTB activities, and that all problems and/or concerns be discussed and addressed directly.
  • It is required that OTB class be held in an area that is safe and secure, and that there are no obvious dangers (i.e., pool access, aggressive animals, excessive stairs, etc.)
  • Please understand that it may take some time to set up your new group.  This is because we have a waiting list of additional groups waiting for a teacher as well.  We will do everything in our power to accommodate your preferred date/time, but groups who are flexible will be assigned a teacher first.  This is because in order for us to schedule your group, a teacher may be required to move another group to a different day/time. This takes time.  Estimated time to get a new group up and running is 2 weeks – 2 months. Thank you for your patience!
  • It is important that all Hosts maintain a professional and appropriate appearance and behavior while Hosting OTB groups.
  • All Hosts will receive a discounted rate for class fees ($125 per session for a $50 discount).
  • All new “open” groups are required to have a minimum enrollment of 8 students enrolled (host included).  The cap/maximum depends on age group (YB-12; OB-10; Toddler-10)
  • For the “Private Class”: We cannot filter people in or out of a class.  If you wish your group to be “private”, then once it is posted on the OTB site, all your group members must enroll immediately to fill the class up.  This is the only way we can ensure your class is private.  If your members do not sign up timely, and a new member slips into the enrollment, we will not kick them out of the group. Eight students are required to launch any private class.
  • All groups will be assigned a regular teacher, however, in the event of illness, or extenuating circumstances, every effort will be made to secure a substitute teacher. It is possible that a substitute teacher may not be available, and your group may need to skip that class.  This class will be added to the end of the session.
  • Please know that all field class teachers have a 15-minute grace period to get to their session.  Most teachers are traveling from the valley to get to their class destination and Los Angeles traffic can be tricky!
  • Although we strongly support learning “outside” this is difficult with most toddler classes due to the added distractions of being outside if there is play equipment, etc. Because of this, we encourage classrooms to be set up inside, or that the outside space be prepared appropriately for class.  We are in favor of outdoor classrooms, but they need to be appropriately constructed/designed to accommodate the “walking toddler”.
  • Hosts are sometimes asked to help the teacher with preparation or clean-up of a heavy sensory class.
  • All Hosts will be assisted by a “co-host” or alternate host for class dates when the main host is sick, on vacation, or cannot host the group.
  • Hosts accommodating toddler groups must be willing to hold class in a room that is empty, or unaccompanied by toys, toddler furniture or any type of distraction.  The toddler curriculum is very specific and we want to create an environment for learning.  This is difficult to do with toys and such in the vicinity.  Because this age group is also walking, we need to make sure the area is safe and secure.  If you have questions, we can come and look at your space.
  • Hosts will be asked to encourage their group members to read the website, specifically “Satellite Field Class Info”.
  • Thank you for opening your home to us!  Your commitment and support to the program is deeply appreciated.

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