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Field Session Fees:

Field Session Host Membership:

Field Session Fee (1 child):

Field Session Day Pass:

Field Session Twins Fee:

Field Session Twins Day Pass:

Field Session Siblings Fee:

Field Session Siblings Day Pass:

$125 or $150 (West Side)

$200 or $225 (West Side)


$250 (same class) / $300 West Side


$350 (separate classes)

$43.75 ($21.88 per child/per class)

Field Session Requirements and Miscellaneous Information:

  • Sessions are 8 weeks long.
  • Eight (8) pre-paid families are required to start any group/session (including the Host).  Students on scholarships or using class credits do not count in the required number of core participants to launch a class.  All private Classes will need to recruit eight (8) families/students before launching the session.  Please be advised that “twins” count as one child since we offer them a significant discount on their session fee.
  • Sessions include 8 consecutive classes.  Since the session is “pre-paid” the number of attendees at each class is irrelevant.
  • Session fees for “private classes” which can be capped at 8 students is $225 per person.
  • Sessions dates may be extended if it is necessary to skip a class (i.e., decided by the group for a holiday, illness, teacher-cancellation, etc.). These classes are not available to be refunded.
  • Session spots are held by those who paid for the session.  Spots in class cannot be sold, borrowed, or used by other students.
  • People wanting to attend a field session using Day Passes will only be allowed to sign up after we have our minimum of six/eight core members (signed up for the whole session).  Online registration for day passes opens up after the core six/eight members have signed up.
  • The teacher can and may make the decision to cancel the class if traveling to the class is dangerous (weather, etc.).
  • Priority is always given to students who sign up, and pay for the entire session in regard to spacing in the classes.
  • We cannot filter people in or out of a class once it has been posted online.  If you want your group to be “private”, then once it is posted online, all your group members must enroll immediately to fill the class up.  This is the only way we can ensure your class is private.  If your members do not sign up timely, and a new member slips into the enrollment, we will not kick them out of the group.
  • It is common for a new field class to postpone their start date while they recruit the required number of students.  Delays in start dates should be expected for new classes.
  • Please note that there is an additional $25 fee charged to each enrollment for any field class session that is further than 25 miles away from our Center, or that takes longer than one hour to travel to.  This applies primarily to teachers traveling to the west side from the Valley. This fee is applicable if class-time is during traffic commuting times as well.
  • The “Host” discounted rate/fee does not apply to Field classes with the minimum number of students (8), or any “private” classes.
  • An additional fee of $25 is added to any field session held on the west side, making the total fee per student $225.


  • Payment is due before the session start-date.  We do not accept payments the day of the class.
  • Payments are made through our site.
  • Twins count as one student when registering for field classes.  This is because they receive a substantial discount and are only charged ($50) for the 2nd child, and not the full session fee ($200).
  • If paying by check (due to special circumstances), checks should be made out to “Outside the Box” and sent to: Outside the Box, 20841 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland Hills,  CA  91364.
  • If you do not want to take the chance of signing up and paying for a class that may not start due to lack of sign ups, you can sign up “unpaid”.  Call the OTB Center at (818) 348-PLAY and they can help you do this.  We do not offer refunds.


  • ALWAYS check your email the morning of class.  This is how we communicate with you.  You must add your phone number to your profile when setting up your personal information so we can contact you this way if needed.  You will receive an email the night before your anticipated session starts confirming the launch of the session.  This is done so that we can give people ample time (and up to the last minute) to register to get a session started.
  • Newly added classes will always be announced on our Facebook Page, and on our own website.
  • When you are enrolled in a new session, all participants will receive an informational/intro email the night before the session starts.

Online Registrations:

  • Please be sure to register in YOUR name on our site (the parents’ name), and add your child under “relationships”.  It is not pertinent that you register your child’s name with our site, but if you decide to, please be sure to do it as an alternate name/relationship in your profile.  This is important when reconciling payments for classes and securing registrations.  If you need help with this or have questions, please call our front desk, and they can help you (818) 348-PLAY.

Make-Up Classes:

  • Each field session participant is offered one (1) free make-up class at the Center in Woodland Hills or at another nearby age-appropriate field session. Your make-up class cannot be applied to your future “session fee”.  Please email registration@otbee.com to let us know what class you would like to be enrolled in for your make-up class.  Classes should be scheduled once your current session has finished. You may also call the front desk, and they can register you over the phone for your make-up class (818) 348-PLAY.
  • Make-up classes need to be used within 60 days of your session ending and cannot be given away, nor used/applied to your next session.

Refund Policy:

We do not offer refunds for illness, vacations, scheduling conflicts, nap schedule changes, holidays, host cancellations, unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control, etc.  There is no exception to this policy.If your session does not commence, you will receive a credit with OTB for future sessions, OTB Center classes, or retail items.  DO NOT sign up for a session (or an individual class) if you are unwilling to receive a “class credit” and NOT a refund in this situation.  You have the option to sign up “unpaid” to save your spot in any class, and then convert it into a payment when the required amount of people have signed up. To sign up “Unpaid”, please contact the front desk staff at (818) 348-PLAY and they can do it for you from the back-end.  We do not offer refunds for session fees or day passes if the session does not commence timely.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at registration@otbee.com or (818) 348-PLAY.

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