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Drum Circle

Drum Circle is a one hour musical exploration into different cultures, sounds and drum beats. Two – three drummers are present to drum to music from all over the world and offer an array of instruments to discover. This is a one-hour class which is free to OTB families who are on membership at the OTB Center or who are enrolled in a Field Session. For everyone else, the fee for drum circle is $25.00 (for the whole family). This is an all-ages class, very hands-on and will definitely work out your “audio-brain”! Classes are held Sundays at 11:30 AM at the OTB Center in Woodland Hills, allowing your children 15 minutes of free-play with our instruments.  Drummers arrive approximately 11:45 AM.

Infant Massage Classes or Parties

This very special and important class is designed for parents, grandparents and care-takers. Topics covered will include:

  • Whole/total body stroke work (instruction)
  • Benefits of Infant Massage
  • Eastern & Western Techniques
  • How to Improve the Immune System
  • Attachment & Bonding
  • The “Science” behind bodywork for Infants
  • How Aromatherapy Works
  • Infant Massage as a Sleep Aid
  • and much, much more. . . .

This class is most appropriate for children not yet crawling. This specialized instruction is offered in one-hour increments or 2 hour increments and includes an instruction manual and a bottle of BINI Oil. This class is offered to large or private groups, or by private consult with Octavia.  Email registration@otbee.com with questions.

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