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Field Session FAQ:


How do I find a session near me? 

Click on “CLASSES” on the top menu bar of the homepage. Using the drop-down menu, click on “Satellite Field Classes”. Scroll down through the list of offered field session classes until you find one that works with your schedule.


How long are the sessions/classes?

Sessions are 8 weeks long consisting of classes that are 1 hour long each.


Can I come try out a class before signing up for a field session?

Yes – we strongly recommend that you do!.  We are aware that our program is not for everyone.  Unfortunately, we do not offer free demo or trial classes, but you are welcome to come and attend one class and then decide how you would like to proceed.  Field sessions require 6 students to launch (8 if it is a private class), and have a maximum of 10 students per session (may be less is there are space issues/restrictions).  Participants signing up for the whole session have priority with spacing in class.  People attending on Day Passes can only sign up after we have reached our minimum of six students for the session.  This option is available online.  To sign up for just a Day Pass, go to “Classes” (top menu bar), use the drop-down menu and click on ‘Satellite Field Classes”, scroll down to find the class you want, and click “Sign Up Now”.  Then follow the prompts for payment.  The system will offer the option to pay for just one class or a full session of 8 classes.


What if we want to participate in a session but will miss a few classes due to traveling, etc.?

You may start mid-way through a session if there is space, by paying for day passes. This is done online, and described above.  Some people don’t understand why a prorated class fee is $25.  The reason is because we don’t feel comfortable penalizing people who cannot come up with the entire session fee up front ($200), or who cannot commit to the whole session.  However, to launch any class we need a minimum of 6 or 8 families signed up.


What if I cannot attend the make-up class due to scheduling, etc.?

We allow you to attend a make-up class at the OTB Center or an age/developmentally appropriate field class within 60 days.  You will need to email ” registration@otbee.com” to let us know what class you plan on attending and then we will register you from the back-end.  Please note that make-ups should be scheduled after your current session has concluded.


What does it take to start a group/session?

We must have five members/families signed on for the session to launch (excluding your host – five enrolled families; six families total).  After the five core members and a host have signed up, the session will start.  People joining on a pro-rated fee and Day Passes (people paying per class) may then join the session as well. Additionally, please make sure to read “Host Information” and “Start Your Own Group” under “CLASSES” .  Email newgroups@otbee.com with your request to start a new group.  We need the day of the week, and the time of day that you would like to hold your class, as well as the age of the infants/toddlers and your city (location).  Then, we place a teacher!  We usually have a wait list of new groups, so be aware this may take some time, and it is a process.


Can I use my Center class credit(s) toward a field session?

Class credits received from Center Monthly Memberships or Center Day Passes may not be used for field sessions (apples & oranges!).  Field class/session credits may not be used for Center classes, however, they may be used for future field classes.


What if we signed up for a session but we don’t have our core six members yet to start?

Then your session start date will be pushed up by a week until we get all six core members in place.  Please note that sometimes it takes a while to recruit for a new class.  Delays should be expected for all new sessions.  Refunds are not issued for this reason.  If you decide you cannot wait for your session to fill/commence, we will offer you a full credit for future OTB classes, retail, etc.  There are no exceptions to this policy.


What’s the deal with Refunds?

Good question!!  We don’t offer them! Class credits may be offered if approved.  OTB Credits can be used for future classes, retail, learning lectures, etc.  Don’t sign up for a session if this is an issue for you and a credit for classes is not adequate.  This information pertaining to this company policy is stated on our website (more than a few times), on your New Group Form (that you will complete out before attending any class!), on your New Session Information Form (that you receive from your teacher in the field), and on your automatically computer generated receipt when you purchased your session.  There is no exception to the “No Refunds” policy. 


How will we know if your session is starting or not?

We will email you the night before (allowing the maximum amount of time for late sign-ups).  ALWAYS check your email the morning of class.  This is our only way of communication, and our emails often go out late at night. This “intro” email will have all the pertinent information in it concerning your new session.



If you have any other questions about sessions that may not be addressed here, please feel free to contact us at registration@otbee.com or (818) 348-PLAY (7529) and we will be happy to assist you.

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