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“Fluid, Loving, Observant & Whole”

Mindfulness Classes for Children

In FLOW children are taught how to be FLUID with their bodies, LOVING with their hearts, OBSERVANT with their minds and WHOLE with their spirits. FLOW is a unique program for children, ages 3 – 13 years old, which combines meditation, yoga, music & movement, art & expression, and connectivity. Students learn about the world around them, and how they fit into it. Students are taught how to connect with their bodies through being fluid through movement as well as the importance of stillness. Class size is small, as children work in cohesive groups to learn how to become connected and part of a productive “unit”. Children work together as they learn about the planet, animals, the earth, space, and how to help sustain the health of the planet by being conscious. Students learn to observe their emotions through meditation, and how to be present, feel, acknowledge, and observe what they are feeling and experiencing. Goals of the program are to introduce awareness of the body and stimulate its motor and creative potential through art, and to explore the connection between the expressive qualities of the body and the mind. In FLOW, we value the creative “process” rather than the “results”, and consider the experimentation as a working method. Children will be encouraged to tap into their self-confidence by developing a relationship with the group through socialization and respect.

How we go with the FLOW

Our FLOW Kids Speak Out

Class Schedule:
Tuesdays; 5:30 PM (7 – 10 Year Olds)
New Session Start Date:  January 2nd
Enrolling: December 5th

Wednesdays; 5:30 PM (7 – 10 Year Olds)
New Session Start Date:  December 6th
Enrolling: November 15th

Thursdays; 4:30 PM (4 – 5 Year Olds)
New Session Start Date:  December 14th
Enrolling: November 16th

Thursdays; 5:30 PM (7 – 10 Year Olds)
New Session Start Date: January 4th
Enrolling:  December 7th


  • What You need To Know:
  • Classes are available for children 4 – 13 year old.
  • Classes are offered in 8 week sessions.
  • The fee is $200 and a one-time Materials Fee of $50 charged.
  • Students will receive a FLOW T-Shirt, Crystals, Certificates, and patches as they reach their yoga and meditation goals. You are able to also purchase a FLOW uniform, but it is not required.
  • This is a drop-off class, but parents are invited to observe class through the NEST camera application on their cell phones, using our classroom drop-cam.
  • Classes often run over one hour, as it depends on the time the students devote to meditation.  The 7 – 10 Year Old Classes are 1.5 hours long.  classes end at 7:00 PM.
  • There are no “make-ups” for these classes as the children form tight bonds with each other, and attending a different class throws off the established dynamic.
  • Registration is on a “first-come/first serve basis”.  Classes are open to everyone.
  • Students need to bring a water bottle and their crystals to every class.
  • Comfortable clothes are encouraged.
  • Parents enrolling for the first time must meet with Octavia before registering their children for the class to review class content.  Please email her directly at octavia@otbee.com to arrange.
  • Older FLOW students often volunteer in the younger FLOW classes.
  • Teen FLOW students will be active in the community and often go out on outings.
  • If you have any questions, please call the front desk at (818) 348-PLAY.  New sessions enroll every 6 weeks. Look for open enrollment on our OTB Facebook page.
  • Teachers for this program are: Octavia and Susie, Max and Taylor are FLOW Assistants.
  • Classes are held at our OTB Center in Woodland Hills
  • Questions, please email registration@otbee.com

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